The Ultion Lock - strong security for your home!
So what's wrong with a normal 'Euro' cylinder lock?

Many types of ‘Euro’ cylinder door locks are reasonably resistant to pick attacks however they have a physical weakness in them that makes them very vulnerable to a straightforward physical attack.

Using a special tool someone can ‘snap’ half of the Euro cylinder off. It can take as little as 20 seconds and the lock falls apart leaving your door open and and entry point for a burglar!

This is where the Ultion Lock excels and keeps you secure!

Why the Ultion lock is recommended

Ultion Lock - approvals and credentials
  • Lockdown Intrusion Detector – the Ultion lock detects a physical attack and activates a one-way internal hidden mechanism that stops the lock being opened.
  • Hardened Steel Internal Lock Pins. Any sort of drill attacks are made very very difficult by the use of hardened steel. The hardened steel inside the Ultion is at the top end of the known hardness scale (7.5-8 Mohs) and any drilling will be resisted and end up wrecking the drill!! Very secure!
  • The Ultion is also enhanced against any Bump Attacks
  • As well as being approved by the Police and achieving the highest Kitemark star rating Ultion is tested by locksmiths with the Master Locksmith Association and is accredited with their highest standard. Sold Secure Diamond.

SureKey Locksmiths install the high security Ultion Lock

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The Ultion Lock - high security - no lock snapping

Ultion Lock

Crimewatch - problem with 'Euro' cylinder - lock snapping to gain entrance